Message from the President
  Future planning
  Corporate Culture  
Corporate vision£ºto create a harmonious home life dream
Enterprise mission£ºto strive to improve the living environment
Enterprise purpose£ºcasting Yingcai, success in life, create wealth, return to the community
Core values£ºhumility, Houde, pragmatic and efficient
Enterprise style£º
“All”style£ºall system management, and all the data speak
“A”style£ºonce to solve the problem, once the job done
Corporate strategic objectives£º
Short-term goals£ºprofessional management, standardized management
Medium-term objectives£ºGroup management, diversification of
Long-term objectives£ºbrand management, international development
Golden pleasant codes of conduct£º
Discipline:loyalty, law-abiding
Efficient execution of work£ºdedication
Learning£ºthe pursuit of excellence, forge ahead
Man£ºcivilized behavior, unity and friendliness
Corporate philosophy£º
Business philosophy£ºintegrity of work, be prepared with one heart and one mind, innovation and development
Headed by the talent concept£ºvirtues, ability first, ability and political integrity, performance
Production philosophy£ºhard work, safety in production, technological innovation, continuous improvement
Management philosophy£ºself-planned, self-executing, self-review, self-improvement
The marketing concept£ºBegan in customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction 
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